“A new American pop master... Bucchino merges the artfulness and sophistication of America’s master songwriters (Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, George Gershwin) with the contemporary style and plaintive folk quality of the top singer/songwriters who emerged in the 1970s, such as Carole King and James Taylor.”

The Houston Chronicle


“Mr. Bucchino occupies a special niche. His flowing, finely made piano ballads describe an urban single life in which relationships come and go... with high expectations, high anxiety and open hearts.”

Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“Brimming with intimate character portraits, sophisticated intelligence and emotional sincerity, the impeccably crafted songs of John Bucchino... mine deep revelations about idealism, disillusionment and their ultimate reconciliation.

Philip Brandes, The Los Angeles Times

“A gifted songwriter on the level of Paul Simon, or Joni Mitchell.”

David Hurst,


“Mr. Bucchino possesses a singular voice and an absolute integrity of expression.”

Barry Singer, The New York Times


"If Tennessee Williams was alive and writing tunes, he'd be John Bucchino."

Rex Reed, The New York Observer


" his frequent, superlative best he can be as moody as Schubert or jazzed as Bernstein.”                            

The Village Voice


"An original, inspirational and distinctive voice."

The Sydney Morning Herald


"John Bucchino's songs are the continuation in the evolution of classic American   

popular song.  He is a man of great talent."

Michael Feinstein



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