Mission Statement

My goal with these classes is to broaden the singers’ perspective on what is possible in the performance of my (or anyone’s) songs, to encourage them to find their own emotional truth in the interpretation of words and notes. I also hope that discussion of my career and creative process will inspire them to pursue their own unique path, discovering their strengths and continuing to narrow their focus as to where their deepest passion lies and how they might best offer their gifts to the world. 


Option 1

John will conduct a Master Class approximately 3 hours in length where between 8 and 12 students will each perform one or two of his songs for him with their own accompanist. He will ask questions, discuss interpretation, offer suggestions, and the student will perform the song again making adjustments. Then, often, they will perform the song a third time with John  accompanying them.

Either before or after the student performances there will be a question and answer period where John will talk about his career and creative process and perhaps play a song or two.


Option 2

The same as option 1 with the addition of a full concert by John following the class, or the next day.

Option 3

A 3-day intensive with the first evening being devoted to the Master Class as outlined above. On the second day John will work individually with each of the Master Class participants (accompanying them himself) in preparation for a concert on the third day. This concert will be open to the public and will consist of the students performing their songs with John at the piano, as well as some solo numbers performed by John.

[In many cases the concert can be a paid event, the profits of which can help defray the cost of John’s fee. If that fee is reached in ticket revenue, any additional profits will be split 50-50 between the producers and John.]


Option 4

A more extended period of work in preparation for a concert performance or full production of John’s musical revue “It’s Only Life.” John will coach the cast members and accompanist and, if desired, even accompany the performance(s) himself.


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